I find this concept very interesting.Think about what ‘Freedom’ means to you.Without getting too deep into non-musical territory, I think that each person is completely free in every way imaginable.Too often though, we trap ourselves with all sorts of thoughts and behaviors.Usually because we are concerned about what others will think of us.

Newsflash: People don’t think about us as much as we might imagine.

Even so, I have wasted a lot of time not getting a group together to play regularly.There are other reasons, but I really have not done much in the way of performing because I had a difficult time deciding what to put on the setlist.I am too concerned about what other folks are going to like, and since there is so much music available, I just cannot choose.Well, I have finally decided to not care what anyone else thinks of my songlist.(OK, maybe just a little.)If I can get enough players on board and rehearsed, we should be gigging by Spring of 2008.

Pay attention to your thoughts this week in regard to music, and discover how many thoughts you may have that are influenced by what others say they like.I am sure the problem is shared by many of us.Yes, it is a problem if you don’t choose your music according to your own likes and dislikes.

Several years ago, I stopped playing for nearly four months.I did this because I was bored with playing.Specifically, I was bored with my playing.I had been teaching for about four years at that time and I had been working on a number of technical aspects of playing.I was bored with my playing because I was not playing music that was exciting to me.I was playing in a band that did what a lot of people call ‘Classic Rock’.Now, I like nearly everything, but there are some things that I just get tired of and this is one of them: Sappy Songs.Not Sappy as in goofy but fun; I mean Sappy – I’m so sad – Nobody loves me – The world is crashing down – Uggh!

This is one of the songs we played.We were good at it; some of you may love this song.

Good for you.


This is a rock song I find exciting.


Hear the difference?Feel the difference?

Playing or listening to music that I like makes me feel better.Maybe the same happens to you.

By the way, I find Dave way more entertaining than Eddie.


I am free to choose whom I find entertaining and guitar players are usually not it, oddly enough.You are free to choose the music you listen to and the music you want to play.I don’t have anything to do with it and I think my students are quite successful because of this approach that I take with them.

So, run down the street with a funny hat on, eat dessert first, and play your guitar behind your head.

I’ll show you how if you don’t know.




One thought on “Freedom”

  1. Great article. Thanks for this kind of encouragement. I plan to run down the street in a funny hat soon. I often eat dessert first (life’s short). But I don’t think I’ll be playing guitar behind my head. . . I can bang a mean tambourine, though. . .

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