Standard Notation vs. Tablature

This contest is almost as bad as the Rock vs. Rap war.Here is a link to Tablature History.

I use both standard notation and tablature depending on the situation.In the long-term, I expect the same from my students.I do not always get what I want, but there is no harm in trying.

I like using standard notation for arranging and for studying musical concepts.With musical concepts, I do not want a certain fingering or playing position stuck in my head as a result of seeing it in tablature.I want to explore many different places on my instrument where I can play the same notes or sequence.Watch this

I use tablature for the opposite reasons.I want to know where someone else played the tune on the instrument.The same note in different areas of guitar or bass will have a different timbre.This affects a part of the sound that is recognizable to even an elementary music student.

Recently, I rearranged a section of ‘Sweet Child o’ Mine’ for a student because the tablature locations in the transcription were very awkward.Watch this I always feel free to argue with tablature because some positions are just easier and sometimes the tablature is just wrong.It is written by humans, ya know.

My advice is to be able to use both standard notation and tablature.Plus, it is imperative that you use the rhythmic values of standard notation even when you are using tablature for placement on your instrument.



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