Geez!When do I play music?Not at all recently.Well, a little during the work week if I arrive early for my lesson schedule.All of my time for the last month, as some of you know, has been used for either teaching or working on our new house.

Well, it will be new when I am done.The previous owners were definitely not maintenance types.(Carpet installed today!)

Anyway, I will certainly be practicing more once I have finished the ‘Music Room’.I hope to complete it by mid-June.My greatest frustration has been not having a ready-to-use, convenient area in our home for me to work and play.

Well, that and having only two bedrooms for four people.

OK, three and a half since Claire is not very large (2’, 9”), but she has a lot of toys, games, and puzzles.

I plan to do more videos that I hope will be beneficial to you all and I will certainly have more time to write.

If anyone has any other ideas that help you as a student, let me know.

Oh, yeah; and maybe, just maybe, I will get myself together enough to begin performing again.




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