“Quitters never win”, “No one likes a quitter”, “Whatever”.

Quitting is something we all do from time to time.I am working on quitting some of my unhealthy habits.What I learned years ago about quitting something is that we are most successful when we do not quit; but choose to replace one activity with another.

Over the years, I have had a number of students quit music.At least that was what I was told, but I knew the truth.No one quits learning music just as no one quits anything.We simply decide to engage in some other activity that replaces whatever we do not wish to engage in anymore.

Some students decide to move to sports, video games, a job, more jobs, a different town, or the couch.I am moving to more exercise and food.

The heat causes a bit of a problem for me.I started riding my bike to as many of my work locations that were a reasonable distance.I think one to two miles is a reasonable distance for a lazy bum like me to ride a bike.Of course, five minutes in and I am no longer fit for public display from perspiring.Walking only gives me six minutes.Neither is very practical I suppose.

I can save gas money, though I must use this savings as food money because my appetite increases a great deal with exercise.I am not really saving any money.I end up eating like a teenager.

Another benefit is that I am less grumpy.My wife even commented as such.None of you would notice this because I am always on my best behavior with my students and co-workers.

Stop laughing.

I plan to use my summer as my period of redevelopment.I hope to quit a few bad habits and start some good habits as replacements.One of which will be the daily practice that I preach to all of you.

I shall quit not practicing daily tomorrow; what will you quit?


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What One Must Do

I have realized over the years that any break in my playing/practicing routine really causes problems for me.Not that I have much of a practice routine, but rather a coming and going relationship with music on a semi-daily basis.

I have been playing far too little recently and I am seeing the signs.One of which is becoming despondent.

The involvement most people have with music is that of a passing period in their life.For a few, and it could be anyone really, the playing of music becomes a necessity far beyond what a non-musician can imagine.

At least that is how I prefer to think of my need to play music.

I came home this evening and ate dinner with my family and pulled out my acoustic guitar to play a little.(I love the smell of my guitar.)I felt hopeful again.I didn’t practice or learn anything new; I just played whatever came to mind.

Do any of you just play whatever comes to mind?


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