What One Must Do

I have realized over the years that any break in my playing/practicing routine really causes problems for me.Not that I have much of a practice routine, but rather a coming and going relationship with music on a semi-daily basis.

I have been playing far too little recently and I am seeing the signs.One of which is becoming despondent.

The involvement most people have with music is that of a passing period in their life.For a few, and it could be anyone really, the playing of music becomes a necessity far beyond what a non-musician can imagine.

At least that is how I prefer to think of my need to play music.

I came home this evening and ate dinner with my family and pulled out my acoustic guitar to play a little.(I love the smell of my guitar.)I felt hopeful again.I didn’t practice or learn anything new; I just played whatever came to mind.

Do any of you just play whatever comes to mind?


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One thought on “What One Must Do”

  1. Yup. And it is usually simply dreadful, or just silly, but it takes the pressure off of a rough day. And I know what yo umean about the smell of an acoustic. I don’t think you can beat it.

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