First of all, my youngest daughter, Claire, is 2.5 years old today.

As her parent, it is important that I show her how to do things.Here, she does not understand why her Elephant Float falls unlike when she is in the water.

So, I tossed her and her float into the lake and now she understands the importance of floating objects.

Frankly, even though I am using shock humor above, I often feel as though I am just tossing a student into a lake of uncertainty when they leave after a lesson.What I mean is that I get the impression sometimes that students feel alone in their work of learning music when we are apart.

The parents of music students should spend time observing our lessons so they can teach their children at home.It really is not as difficult as you might imagine.Teaching is simply the act of guiding the student in the correct direction.

Parents are more capable than their children.Do not tell your children; they will not believe you.However, if we had to depend on them to keep our households functioning – well, you can imagine how that would develop.

I have a few parents that sit in; even fewer that call me during the week seeking counsel on how to help their children during the student’s practice time.I think most parents underestimate their own ability to assist their children during a week’s practice.I also think some parents may overestimate their child’s intelligence.

(I just misspelled ‘intelligence’ and ‘misspelled’, so do not be ashamed.)

I mean intelligence in regard to knowing how to practice to gain the most progress.Sure, the child knows what to do, yet the child does not do it.Far too many students are playing things once each day and are discouraged that their progress is not more significant.

(No, they are not kidding.They just do not understand!)

My most common advice to parents is this: Insist that your child practices what they should, numerous times each session, each day of every week.Nothing is more effective, and you must insist that this is done because that is your job.

…and it makes my work more effective.




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