The Un-Teachable

The Un-Teachable are not any special group.As a matter of fact, I find them to be absolutely normal and average.On the surface, one might usually think of the emotionally, physically, neurologically, or psychologically challenged as a group that would be referred to as Un-Teachable.

The truth is that an Un-Teachable person is simply a person who refuses to learn.

I have had quite a few students over the years that were challenging, so to speak.Frankly, I have thought on more than one occasion that between the two of us in a room, one of us was an idiot.

Thankfully, I have been wrong nearly all of the time about the student.

To support my belief that anyone can learn music, I will tell you of a student that learned how to sing and play a song in just a few weeks.He wanted to learn how to do this for an upcoming church service for which he had volunteered to perform.I do not remember the song, but I believe it was a hymn such as Just a Closer Walk with Thee.

We worked on the chords and how to play in time; the student said that he was already comfortable singing, so I trusted him on that until he could play and sing during a later session.

Well, the playing-and-singing appointment was a couple of weeks before he was scheduled to perform.Thank goodness he played and sang with his eyes closed because the great sound he achieved while awkwardly hunched over his guitar with his neck twisted to the right from the effects of his cerebral palsy had me in tears after his first notes.


It was then that I realized that my role as an instructor is simply to be a source of leverage for the will of the student.From then on, anybody with two arms attached to a torso who has said ‘I can’t play an instrument’ has me immediately convinced that they are full of crap.

Some folks just do not have enough desire to learn; while the young man above whose body challenged his every intended movement chose to learn anyway.



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