A 36 Day Diary of Gig Preparation 1

Prepare to be overwhelmed.I am currently preparing for a gig at the Virginia Ten Miler scheduled for September 27, 2008.

On a whim, I have decided to make a note each day concerning my progress.Hopefully, we will each gain something from it.At worst, I will write a lot of words and completely bore everyone.

Today, I did nothing, at least nothing for the gig.We went to a birthday cookout for two of my wife’s friends.I like them too, but they are still her friends.Claire and I started a nap under a tree and Celeste and Angela painted their hair blue.

On schedule is to have some photos taken of the band members.Oh yeah, let’s try to get that arranged.(Sarcasm)Never mind the fact that I still do not really feel confident that I have chosen the proper musicians for the gig.(Long, long story; maybe I will write it tomorrow.)

Until rehearsals occur, I will spend most of my preparation time rehearsing on my own.Basically, that entails playing the intended tunes until I want to throw them all out and start again.

I felt this way Thursday.

The rehearsals are tentatively scheduled for the third and fourth weeks of September.I hope we can find the right days.I hope we can find the right times too.The absolute most difficult part of working as a performing musician is the scheduling.We hear of that with big names as well.

Keep in mind that I have also decided that I will do minimal editing of my writing on this series and I would like to have some feedback.Frankly, I think that in previous posts I have been so thorough and final in my writing that there were no loose ends to upon which to contemplate and discuss.

I also hope to show a balance of love and hate of this process.There shall be much complaining; yet I will make a valiant effort to share the joys, whatever these might be.Just so that you turn away from music performance before you have given it a proper effort.

Here is to our future!

At least the next 36 days.




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