A 36 Day Diary of Gig Preparation 4

I discovered that I am lacking stamina during my practice time today.My memory is getting in gear.However, after about 90 minutes of playing I start to mentally wander.Granted, most of my practicing has been while glancing at printed music.

There is the usual starting and stopping that one does while polishing the transitions within a song.The alphabetical order of the setlist is working well.Just having an order of any sort accelerates the ‘Run Through’ of the set, which keeps the focus high.It also allows for less sorting than playing during practice time.This means that my 90 minutes today contained probably 85 minutes of playing and 5 minutes of page turning and thinking.

The eventual goal is 120 minutes of playing and zero time spent thinking or backpedaling.

I still have not been able to reach the drummer with my morning calls.This is annoying; if I could leave a message and be called back I would be happy, but I am never called back.I need to get the rehearsal schedule aligned so that I know I can use these two players and not need to find a spare player.That would be nice.

The hiring party requested a photo for their website.I am seriously considering just sending one of me.I seem to replace players every gig so why would I waste time getting band photos if the band will be different in six months?




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