A 36 Day Diary of Gig Preparation 8

Is it really day eight?My index finger on my fretting hand was really sensitive this morning.I think it is sore from ‘Scuttle Buttin’; on the side where a pull-off would rub.

I am a little concerned that I do not have enough tunes on the list to cover two hours.I probably do have enough since I am not really rehearsing the improvised sections.This is probably just something for me to worry about; I seem to need a worry.

Not rehearsing the improvised sections too much is a good idea.We need to be aware of the harmonic ground we are covering, but if we play too much we can become stale and predictable.We need to practice enough so that we sound good though.

A string change is planned for the acoustic today.Old strings have a tendency to get stiff feeling and dull sounding.




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