A 36 Day Diary of Gig Preparation 9

I made a ‘Difficult Tune’ pile today.I will be eliminating tunes as I consider them equal to the ‘Easy’ ones.When there are not any ‘Difficult Tunes’ left, I will once again have a few sessions during which I play all of the tunes.I will start creating the ‘Official Performance Order’ after I have decided on the complete list for the gig.This activity could be as late as a few days before the first rehearsal.

I learned one tune wrong.Not completely, just a couple phrases that were not as written.I was playing what I expected hear and not what I was reading.Evidently, I was not reading very well.I know that never happens to any of you.

The right way is not easier or more difficult; it is just different.Listen to Perfidia.Notice the spaces in the melody that are a little different than you might expect?Those were my issues.

Sometimes, I find a chart for a song that I have not yet heard, as I did with Perfidia.I like to read them through and get comfortable with my own arrangement, then listen to an arrangement from someone else.This is just a weird thing that I do.Most musicians want to hear a tune from someone else before attempting their own arrangement.

I think they are just chicken.




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