A 36 Day Diary of Gig Preparation 10

The short charts were helpful today.For those who do not know what a short chart is; it is a chart of the sections of a song in basic form; sometimes just a label for each section. Almost any tune will fit a page or less with this style of charting.The success of a short chart depends on using proper visual triggers for the memory of a detailed line.Most of my short charts are just chords and/or section labels.

The list of difficult tunes is shorter today.Perfidia feels more natural to me now.As mentioned yesterday, the difference was not more or less difficult; it was just different.A short chart helped quite a bit with two other tunes.There is still a song or two on the list that I might throw away.I will wait another week though.I might get them up to my standard by then.

To organize the list closer to the ‘Official Performance Order’, I will rate the songs according to similarity.Fast tunes, funky tunes, bluesy tunes, beachy tunes; usually numeric or alphabetic designations work well.As an example: fast tunes – 1; funky tunes – 2; you get the idea.

Some people like to separate similar tunes.I do not agree with this approach.I think it keeps a mood from being developed as well as prevents the audience to be taken along a journey or logical path.This is just my opinion.




What do you think?

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