A 36 Day Diary of Gig Preparation 12

A student who is an electrician came out to check my phone lines.There were just some loose wires that seemed to be causing my poor internet connection and phone service.I hope that was my problem.I have no idea about the rest of the planet.

By the way, if you need an electrician, call George Crider @ 434 841 6757.He does great work.We had him change our switches and receptacles upstairs and he advised us on the right parts for our use.That was nice because we really do not know what we are doing.I am sure that the job was relatively easy for him, but I believe the quality on the little jobs is a good indicator of the quality of the big jobs.

I finalized the ‘Official Performance Order’ Saturday.I will be playing straight through the set starting next week.I may start sooner depending on how the rest of this week progresses.I still have a few tunes with rough spots and I want to add one or two songs to the list. I am still concerned that our set will not be long enough.

I need to get a photo this week too.I think I will go with just one of me unless the gods-of-scheduling agree that it is my turn for good fortune.


Cheap Music Lessons


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