A 36 Day Diary of Gig Preparation 13

Sad news yesterday; one of my favorite entertainers passed away September 1: Jerry Reed.He was a phenomenal player and I liked his sense of humor.His tune ‘Amos Moses’ was one of my favorites as a kid.I still remember learning the opening lines to the song.

Practice today will be in starts and stops because of my schedule.I played through about half of the set this morning as a memory test.I made a note of the most colossal failures and will place those on the new ‘Difficult List’.

I have had trouble for years mismatching song names with what I am playing.Today, I discovered that I am doing it again with two songs on my list.I can play them just fine; I just cannot keep the names straight in my mind and consequently play one when I see the name of the other.

Oh well, this is why I start working on these a couple of months before rehearsals are to start.


Cheap Music Lessons


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