A 36 Day Diary of Gig Preparation 14

I am starting to breeze through some of the tunes on the ‘Difficult List’.This discovery is very encouraging.I guess practicing for fourteen days in a row for 60 – 90 minutes each day makes a difference.Go figure!

Keep in mind that I have one hundred twenty minutes of material to practice.The amount of time one practices depends on how much material is to be covered.

There are two tunes that I need to find again.One of them I am somewhat sure that I can play from memory, but I would rather be absolutely sure.The other one I just cannot remember and I do not have a chart or sound file for it.

Yesterday, I looked through a list of 500 tunes trying to find another two or three songs to add to the list.I would rather be safe having more than enough tunes.I am sure I will find more songs that I want to do.I am picky though.

By the way, a student reminded me yesterday, by a comment he made, that some people might not really ‘get it’ about music and musicians.Certainly, I have my favorite music, but what I like to play and listen to really just depends on my mood or what the gig requires.If that gig is a performance or teaching engagement, then the hiring party sets the requirement.If my mood is the deciding party, my music choice could be absolutely anything.

So, note to all, just because ‘Jazz’ is my personal focus, this does not mean that I cannot dig some Lenny Kravitz too.


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