A 36 Day Diary of Gig Preparation 15

Hah!Fewer than five tunes on the ‘Difficult List’!I played through the set with minimal stops today.I had to find the bridge to one song; which I did before I started.I forgot the order of sections for one song, and surprised myself with my memory of two or three that I was sure I would blank-out while I played them.

Just think, I still have 21 more days before the gig.This is the joyous occasion when practice is fruitful.

Now I can start thinking of ways to stretch out some songs as well as creating interesting arrangements.I am still considering adding a few songs to the list, but I need to be really careful not to dilute the list too much.I do not want this to become just a collection of tunes with no consistency.


Cheap Music Lessons


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