A 36 Day Diary of Gig Preparation 16

I have been a little frustrated by two things.One, there is a tune on my list that I have had a ‘Hand Block’ about and two, I still want to find three or four more tunes to add to the list.

I adjusted the fingering and picking pattern of a few notes on the troublesome song and I think my issue is solved.The flow of the notes is smooth and the string skips are reduced.

As for finding new tunes, I do not know why this is so, but I just cannot find more tunes that I want to do and that fit the theme I am trying to uphold.

This is probably the greatest reason I do not like to play gigs longer than sixty minutes.Although, I wonder how long playing through the entire AC/DC songbook would take if I only played the main riffs of each song.A two hour set of Led Zeppelin would be fun too.

I experimented with my strap height this afternoon.I have believed for a very long time that having a correct strap height makes a significant difference regarding how well a person can play.I lowered my strap height about an inch to learn if anything improves or degrades.I will note any discoveries in a few days.

If you play guitar or bass and use a strap, raise your instrument two to three inches and keep it there for the next two months.I am willing to bet that you will notice that you are more comfortable and play better after those two months.

If you play guitar or bass and do not use a strap; use a strap!I like these: Straps

Have a nice day.


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