A 36 Day Diary of Gig Preparation 18

I did not practice this morning like most mornings.There were some ‘administrative’ bits to deal with to start the week.I did get the rehearsals scheduled.I found out that the drummer does not have the CD from last year.I hope I can find a copy.I am sure I made enough to have one left over.Moving into a new place often causes many items to become ‘lost’.I hope the CD was not one of them.

The bassist said he has been reading this blog.That was nice to hear.The total readership should up to about, well, six.I am very happy to have the six readers.Really, how many times do you have six people voluntarily read your blathering?


I learned that the drummer is online now.If I can get his e-mail address, that would make life simpler.I did get him on the phone today, so that was convenient.

I practiced in my ‘schedule holes’ tonight and spent what time I had on improvisational studies.Basically, I needed to get a few scale fingerings going so that I can create some lines that make sense.A few of the tunes on the list use scales that I do not use very often such as: Melodic Minor, Harmonic Minor, and Altered scales.The Altered scales are often just displaced Melodic Minor scales.

If you are really interested to know the sounds these produce, I can make a video to demonstrate them.I might just do it whether or not anyone really wants to see one.I am sure someone on YouTube will watch just for an excuse to make pointless negative comments.Funny, the negative folks do not usually have any videos of themselves posted.Just an observation I made some time ago.

I purchased some USB powered speakers today for my ‘broken’ laptop.I had been using the headphone jack as a line out but one day I clipped the adapter on the jack with my office chair.Oops.I have not been able to get any real listening in for about two or three weeks.Onboard laptop speakers are useless.

Tomorrow morning I am scheduled to meet with one of the organizers of the Virginia Ten Miler to view our performance site.I am tempted to bring a guitar and amp to crank up right on the side of the road.I think that would raise a few eyebrows.It is right across the street from a school.Alas, I really just need to be sure of the electricity and space.

Progress is good; I even have the tent available for the drummer.


Cheap Music Lessons


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