A 36 Day Diary of Gig Preparation 19

The meeting went well this morning.I found it to be more of a formality rather than particularly informative.The confusion from last year has already been resolved.It was nice though, to meet on site and be certain that we are on the same page with the same expectations.

I ran through the whole set today with no stops.I am still having a few issues with ‘which-section-happens-when’ on two songs.This is fewer than the five or so songs that were troublesome last week.

Nearly all of the tunes will be extended about a minute or so during the actual performance; I should not be too concerned about covering the time frame of two hours.I will be placing a ten or fifteen minute break somewhere during the performance.

I think what might be concerning me is that most groups that I have played in or have seen perform engage in what I call the ‘What-Song-Do-We-Do-Next’ huddle.I am certain that this adds five to seven minutes to each hour of performance.

We will have no huddle.I start every tune and I have a set list that I will use.The other members of the group will have a list too, but my guess is that they might be surprised that I do not leave dead air between tunes.

Well, not the bass player; he reads this stuff.


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