A 36 Day Diary of Gig Preparation 21

Three weeks of daily practice!You should see my finger tips; they remind me of my bass playing days.

To be clear, I usually play a little each day, but actually preparing for a performance is very different.That is why I added the challenge of writing about it for this thirty-six day period.

I still need to get photos to the organizers for their website and CDs to the drummer.I did find last year’s disks, so I just need to choose the songs staying for this year and make new disks.

Yesterday, I secured the rehearsal space on the room’s calendar.The only loose-end right now is the PA system.I have been trash talking to one of the other bands’ members that they will be hearing me from their location.I wonder if I can put a speaker cabinet on the roof of the bank.


Cheap Music Lessons


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