A 36 Day Diary of Gig Preparation 22

Today’s practice was a little weird; same as yesterday, only a little worse.I am not focusing well.I think I could be overworking the mind and it is distracting itself.

I have seen this happen to students a few times, and I remember having this occur to me on a few occasions as well.I just have not had it happen to me for a number of years, so I thought that I would not suffer from it anymore.Evidently, I have not been working hard enough during the past several years to cause this interesting reaction.

I will take tomorrow off in regard to the Virginia Ten Miler songlist.I will practice some other tunes that I want to do for later gigs.


P.S. I just purchased a DigiTech JamMan.I should be receiving it next week.I wonder if could get myself together enough to use it for this gig.

Cheap Music Lessons


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