A 36 Day Diary of Gig Preparation 23

Yesterday, I mentioned that I would not be practicing any of the tunes for the gig today.These tunes are all I have been playing for the last three weeks and a day, and I had a difficult time thinking of others to play.

I did think of a few and I rediscovered that I need some lesson time with a new musical acquaintance that has some interesting approaches to improvisation.I heard today that a musician friend is taking lessons from this same person and was reportedly getting their bottom booted.  This is a good sign.

Another good reason to take a day off from practicing is that over the past week I have noticed random shocking sensations in my left hand.This is usually due to tendon stress and should be dealt with immediately.It is definitely caused by working with the acoustic so much.Taking stretching breaks for the hand and wrist will help relieve some of this issue.

I mentioned a week or so ago that I lowered the strap on my instruments a little to learn if there might be any improvement or detriment.Well, I think it is an improvement for the picking arm.There is a little less angle in my right elbow when I play and I seem to have greater stamina; less stress on the ulnar nerve too.


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