A 36 Day Diary of Gig Preparation 24

I did not practice today because I wanted another day off.My hand feels better, so I am giving it more time to restore.I did play a little; it just was not an official practice session.

Tomorrow is our first rehearsal and I still need to get a CD to the drummer.I imagine that he will remember most of the tunes from last year.There are only a few new tunes and they are not altogether difficult.

I have been reading a book called: The Practice Revolution by Philip Johnston.I am excited about this book because a) It seems to be right in line with my philosophy of teaching and b) I, as most people, do not practice what I preach as much as I should.He is an English chap which makes the reading interesting.Just a slight twist on the English language keeps my attention better.Frankly, good English of any sort I find welcome.


Cheap Music Lessons


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