A 36 Day Diary of Gig Preparation 25

Practice this morning was just a straight run-through of the list.The rehearsal this evening was just me and the bass player, Eric.I gave the CD to Larry, the drummer, this afternoon.I would have had it sooner, but I get priorities backward sometimes.

Eric and I first became acquainted as members of the James River Blues Society.We had played together a couple of times, and I remembered that he sounded like a bass player and made easy conversation.

Tonight was more of the same; which really screwed up my schedule.It is good for me to be around folks like Eric because I get far too concerned about schedules and time and efficiency.I need to chill-out sometimes.

As we used to say in the 80’s: “No, Duh.”

We talked about equipment, bands, money, people, hand injuries, and music.Some of the tunes we played sounded good and some of them sounded unrehearsed.This, of course, is why we scheduled rehearsals before the gig.

I am interested to hear how we sound next week when Larry is with us.


Cheap Music Lessons


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