A 36 Day Diary of Gig Preparation 26

I played one song today; forty-five times.I have been frustrated with this tune for quite some time.As a matter of fact, there are two or three tunes with the same changes as this tune that I do not play to my satisfaction either.These situations are what I am seeking to resolve through the lessons I plan to take that I mentioned a few days ago.

I remembered at lunch today that I was supposed to secure the PA system this morning.


By the way, I picked up some roses for Angela because today is our anniversary.I went to Lynchburg Florist & Antiques at 3224 Old Forest Road; $14.95/Dozen-Cash and Carry.I mention this because the flowers are fresh; they were wrapped in a presentable manner with a bow, and a much better value than what I have acquired anywhere else.

Just so you know.


P.S. We went to Milan, an Indian restaurant on Wards Road.

Cheap Music Lessons


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