A 36 Day Diary of Gig Preparation 27

The JamMan arrived today!I used it for some practicing and it is relatively easy to use.I also used it in some lessons this evening and I was really pleased with how seamlessly I could incorporate it into a simple demonstration for students.

Using it during my personal rehearsal, I was able to setup a backing guitar part to the main part of some songs that I will be performing.I will be able to create long loops and overdubbed ‘tracks’ so I can use it through an entire song.Maybe I can accomplish this within the next ten days.

I do wonder how well the other two players will be able to adapt to me using the JamMan.I also need to try running it through a PA system to see how I can handle it.

Practicing will much more effective and exciting now; I may even develop some material for solo gigs.


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