A 36 Day Diary of Gig Preparation 28

Working with the JamMan today gave me a better idea of which tunes I can program on-the-fly, and which tunes I need to program and save.

Some of the tunes were tons of fun; others were just better sounding with the extra ‘playing’.There are some tunes that start really well when I program the JamMan on-the-fly because you can hear one part, then another part come in later.

As with most items, there are some extra parts available.I can use a footswitch connected to the JamMan that will allow me to change between programmed loops.This is especially useful for tunes with more than one distinctly different section such as a verse-chorus-verse arrangement.

Anyway, I plan to use this as-is until after the Ten Miler gig.I do not think that I would get the footswitch in time and I certainly do not want to get too bogged down into programming and not enough time maintaining my song memory.

Going blank on a gig is not cool!


Cheap Music Lessons


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