A 36 Day Diary of Gig Preparation 29

I have the PA system secured for the gig.It is a simple, but loud pile of parts.Sound dissipates really quickly outside, so a good deal of power is needed to carry a clear sound.We do have the advantage of a building being behind us.Then again, it will probably cause a reflected and delayed signal to be sent to the band.That would make life difficult.

Personal rehearsal today was really fun.I am really getting along with the JamMan.I should map out some programming ideas over the weekend to be ready for rehearsal on Monday and hopefully a second rehearsal during the week.

I noticed today that playing the set took longer than it has in recent sessions.Two reasons for this would be: a) some time spent thinking, looping with the JamMan, and playing a song or two more than once; and b) the songs just being longer because I am improvising over certain sections as planned for the gig.

As I have mentioned in previous installments, I am careful not to practice improvised sections more than necessary.The reason for this is that I do not want what I play to sound ‘tired’.The idea is to practice these sections just enough to know which ‘ingredients’ I will be using during the performance.This lends a by-the-seat-of-the-pants feeling to what I am playing, but not being completely cold to my harmonic context.

Incidentally, I would like to have our performance recorded in video for both archiving purposes and for the learning experience of observing the performance as only video allows.I am not sure how ‘high-tech’ I want to go with this idea.


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