Music Lessons for Justin 1

Today, I had my first lesson with Barry Marshall.I really liked having someone just tell me what I needed to know rather than having to figure out everything myself.

He challenged my understanding of a few common musical concepts.It was interesting being asked questions that I could not answer.It was not as though I had no idea of what he was talking about, but rather that I was being shown new perceptions of common musical tools.

As an example, usually when discussing keys, we are told that the key of C contains the notes: C, D, E, F G, A, and B. Correct information, but this is content.The underlying principle, one which I learned today, is that a key signature is: the number of accidentals needed to make a major scale.In the case of the key of C, the response to this principle is: zero accidentals.As I was told; you know it, but you do not perceive it in this principle-based manner.

The basic premise of Mr. Marshall’s teaching seems to be actually defining concepts of music and using these concepts as tools.This opposes the usual avenue of piling on content without considering principles of thought that allow for expansion of concept and usage by the student.

I agree with this manner of teaching because it is essentially teaching a path of thinking.I, however, need my path of thought lengthened as we all do now and again.


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