Music Lessons for Justin 2

I am confused already.  It may have been that my lesson was at 8:30 this morning.  I could have been distracted knowing that I had a dentist appointment later today.  Maybe I just do not know what I am doing.

As all students should do, I e-mailed my teacher a few times today to clarify some points about my homework.  I was having trouble understanding the practicing patterns.  There are four, and like the exercises that I give my students, there are really two just, but reversing them creates four exercises.

In a nutshell, my homework is to play a four note sequence, up from the lowest diatonic note on my instrument, in a particular key.  One of the patterns is to play from the first note to the fourth; then the second note to the fifth, the third note to the sixth, and so on until my head explodes.

Then I do this in reverse as well as with the other keys, whichever keys are on the list that I left at work.  As well as one other pattern that will also be reversed.  The patterns are also on the same sheet that I left at work.

Oh, yeah, and with guitar, one must also play in the seven positions.



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