Music Lessons for Justin 5

This week, even though I have had very little time to practice, has produced a few small breakthroughs.Where we are taking one scale and using it in a number of different ways has become something that makes much more sense now.

Recent practices have been rather exciting for me because I am starting to hear myself make musical sense without developing a headache from all of the thinking.This is not to say that I am trying to avoid thinking, but rather that my previous and inefficient efforts required more thinking than absolutely necessary.

One of the concepts that give me trouble is the ‘Always from the One’ concept.This is not like the timing concept that I give to beginning student who are trying to connect their chords.This concept about thinking of everything I play from the point of view of the current chord’s root note or naming note.

This concept is not very difficult over a single chord vamp; which is why I need to practice it this way first.Playing on a tune with new chords every two beats at 220 BPM is difficult.Frankly, such a situation is usually impossible for me to sustain.

A song we have started to work on is Four.I have played what is called the Head of this tune for years.The Head is just the melody and chords of the tune before and after any improvising or solos.It is one of the tunes that I have wanted to sound competent on for just as long and I am happy to be working toward that long awaited goal.


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