Music Lessons for Justin 7

Today was lucky lesson number seven.I guess that makes sense.

Anyway, I have officially gone off the deep end and have no idea what I am doing.I actually have some clue, but it is one of those instances where being able to truly understand the concept I am learning is just inches away from my grasp.

Do any of my students have moments such as mine?Let me know!

We looked at a few of the tunes that have driven me crazy over the years.Tunes like: A Night in Tunisia, Woodyn’ You, and Well, You Needn’t.I am excited to think about how much better I will sound playing these tunes in the coming months.

Even though the path is becoming clearer, the level of practicing and work skyrocketing is becoming clearer too.

Think of this: I now understand that I should think of the vii, iii, vi as the ii, V, I in a minor key, making Gm7b5 to C7#5 the ii – V of Fm which is the relative minor of Ab.



P.S.I will be abandoning my lessons as fodder for my blog.Let me know if there are any music related subjects that you would like to read about and I will put something together for you.Thanks.

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