Let the Dollar Decide?


Have you ever noticed how many of your decisions are based upon how much money something costs?In addition to that thought, here is another that I find interesting: Have you ever given or have been given a distance to a location in terms of time?

(e.g. a place being 30 minutes away, what if I drive a rocket ship?)

A price tag is just one part of the transaction; the other part is what do we gain or lose because of the transaction.Gaining or losing may each be beneficial as in examples of gaining free time or losing weight.

Today, Celeste and I went to get our Christmas tree.I wanted a certain type of tree and I wanted it to be tall.We purchased our first house in April 2008 and this will be our first Christmas in it.At the apartment in which we previously lived, I could hardly get a 6’ tree to fit the stand and have a topper and not poke the ceiling.

8’ ceilings rock!Just think of the tree I would have if we had 12’ ceilings!

Anyway, we walked around and found the tree we wanted and I purposely did not look at any prices while we searched for our tree.Of course, so I would not embarrass myself, I did check the price of our ‘chosen’ tree before signaling that we had decided on a tree.

I was somewhat surprised that the tree was within the budget I had set.It was not within the budget my wife had set, but I have a job.I can get whichever tree I want, thank you very much.

I have noticed how long I remain undecided on an item or service we have decided to purchase when I am comparing price to features or benefits.I am coming to the realization that the only thing that really matters is whether or not the services or goods I purchase are of a greater benefit than detriment.Certainly, the purchase price, if it infringes on your cash flow too heavily, would negate all benefits offered simply because it outweighs them. If the prices are not too far apart, why not just get what suits your need the best?

Where am I going with this point, as if there is a point, you may ask?Well, I will tell you; I do not like to go see live music or perform in clubs or restaurants because the benefit is too small and the cost is too great.



Then, here.

Is it just me, or should there be separate times for the music to be played so those there to listen may listen, and a separate time and, preferably, place for the mindless chatter and plate clanking in which restaurant and club patrons engage.

It is a heavy price indeed to spend many, many hours developing a talent that is not considered worthy of respectful listening.No matter which genre a person or band plays.

Would you be surprised to learn that I blame the musicians?


Cheap Music Lessons


What do you think?

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