Blame the Musicians


Perhaps you remember from my last installment that I blame the musicians for the noisy gigs. Well, suppose nobody played noisy gigs. Suppose also that musicians interacted with the audience. Perhaps the audience could be situated in more of an auditorium sort of setting.

Well, why not stop playing noisy gigs in clubs and restaurants and play only in rooms that are designed or arranged for focused attention toward the stage?

Would anyone come to see a group that played in this setting? Would people pay an admission to see a group or solo act perform?What if the groups were great but nobody noticed before this new setting?

What if every concert gave 50% of its proceeds to a charity? Would such a situation develop a fan base; if not of just the music then perhaps the inclusion of a favorite charity?

How often would one attend such an event?Would you attend one each day, week, month, or quarter of a year?

Just wondering,


Cheap Music Lessons


What do you think?

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