2009; Right on Time

Welcome to 2009; so new in fact, that I am still writing 2008 first.

One of my favorite activities of the new year is clearing my schedule of the bits that are not very productive.  Not only do I lose a little stress, but I gain time to do something different.

My wife laughed at me the other day when I told her that 2009 will be my year as a musician.  She asked: “Aren’t you already a musician?”

Well, yes, but that isn’t quite what I mean.  What I meant was that I intend to implement all of the performance ideas that I have had over the years, but have been too chicken to do them.

This should be much easier since I have a place to practice, rehearse, make videos and audio recordings; The Music Room.  It is finally complete enough to use and I am very excited.

What I find difficult about this process is that I must decide what to stop doing and there is always someone that is at least a little inconvenienced when I make a change.  I do, however, put in a great deal of consideration to the matter and I have found that by consolidating some of my activities, I can actually serve most of the people who depend on me better after the changes.

So, here is to 2009, I hope that I make the right choices for both of us.




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