A Beginning

Today, we have taken a step forward in a project that we have been trying to get off the ground for three years.  We have found a way to raise funds to create a concert series in our area that is geared toward families.

There are many families in our area that would love to attend concerts by local and regional artists but are unable to attend because of the times, locations, and/or atmospheres of the events.

Sometimes there are events that are family friendly, but price can easily be a deciding factor when there are four or more members per family.

Many events are in restaurants after hours and the atmosphere is that of a smoke-filled sports-bar.  I have been to and played many of these events and have heard great music but I have always wished that my family could go with me.

If you are interested in playing, attending or contributing to these events; go to ListenHearInc and contact me, join the e-mail list, or take the ChipIn link at the bottom of the Home page to contribute and join others as we meet the entertainment needs of families in our area.




What do you think?

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