Giggin’ 2

The date is set, the paperwork is almost finished and the butterflies are definitely in my belly.The date for the first concert is Friday, March 20, 2009 at 7PM.I won’t mention the location until the contract is finished, but it is convenient and large enough with plenty of parking.

I plan to start selling tickets March 1, at which time the venue will be announced.Adult tickets are $9.50 and Students (ages 8 to 17) are $4.50.Family tickets for two adults and two children will be available for $22.50.If you have more than three children, just get the Family ticket and however many additional Student tickets you need.

For this year, the initial goal is to have one concert per quarter.I am starting with my band, Jus’Tone & Musicianism, because I have had many of my students and many of the people in my daily life ask me where they can see me perform. Plus, I have always wanted to perform in a concert setting.If you are a musician or are aspiring to be a musician, I am sure that you have imagined yourself playing in front of a large group of people and all involved having a great time.This is half of the point of this entire project: to give musicians the opportunity to perform for an attentive audience.

The other half is giving families the opportunity to see great musicians perform in a setting that is comfortable and at reasonable hours for younger members of the family.Again, this is something else I wish there was more of in our area.There are many musicians and music groups in our area and most students of music are unable to see them perform because of age limits and I think this is a shame.I look forward to a time where I can take my family to see local and regional musicians in performance, and then be able to talk to those musicians, or take lessons from them, or participate in a workshop on their instrument.


Cheap Music Lessons


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