Giggin’ 3


Jus’Tone & Musicianism has recently added a musician.  He is Dr. Glenn Buck and he plays sax, piano, and organ.  I had not really put in much thought to adding a pianist or an organist, but I am really excited to have Dr. Buck on board.  I am sure the other guys are glad to hear someone other than me too.

I had originally called Glenn because I thought adding another voice (saxophone) to the group would give us the opportunity to expand some of our repertoire.  As wonderful as guitar is, it is difficult to be super-interesting through entire concerts with it as the main voice.  The addition of piano and organ is just a super-thick icing on the cake.

We also added Malcolm Dendtler who is a percussionist and drummer.  The difference between a percussionist and a drummer is essentially that a percussionist plays a vast array of percussion instruments and a drummer plays, well, drums.  I will have more details later.  Maybe I can interview Malcolm and transcribe our conversation in a future article.

A funny memory I have of working with Malcolm was a gig we did at the Backyard Grill, which is Ham’s now.  Jazz pianist Lew Taylor was also on this gig at the Backyard Grill.  We started a tune and one of these two guys was off-center on the section we were in and one was repeatedly trying to correct the other.  The sound was not bad, so the offender simply continued the line so we would not be at risk for falling apart.  What was so hilarious to me was watching these two guys playing stuff that I had trouble playing with full concentration all the while whisper-fighting about who was out of sorts.  The closest visual that could even come close is found in this video titled: Jazz Dispute.

I believe this group will be a lot of fun to work with because they are all great players and they are excited about rehearsing and getting very comfortable with the setlist.  Groups that truly care about becoming a strong unit for the benefit of the audience as well as themselves are the groups that I will be honored to promote.


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