‘Can Do’ Night

I played a gig May 1st with some students from a private school where I teach Music Elective. It is called Can Do because the students show what they ‘Can Do’ and admission is a canned item to donate to the local Food Bank.

Shame on me, but I almost enjoy seeing these kids brains turning inside-out with nerves before a performance. They are just adorable with their eyes bugging out of their heads. Some of the same students from last year were on this gig. I don’t think they were any less nervous than the last gig. They did a great job just like last year too. Why worry?

The greatest cause of nervousness in public performance is; ‘What if I suck?’. OK, so what if you completely fall apart? I have never, ever been booed. I have never, ever witnessed anyone being booed. I think that only happens on TV. Most people know how nervous they would be to perform on stage, and are simply not so mean that they would make a person feel worse.

Frankly, the only part that makes me a little nervous about a gig is; ‘What if nobody shows up?’




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