Sad News

Today brought sad news for me and many others; an icon from our pre-teen and teen years died at the age of 50.

One of my earliest cassette tapes (remember those?), was of Michael Jackson’s Bad.  My favorite tunes were Bad, The Way You Make Me Feel, Smooth Criminal, and Man in the Mirror.

One of the coolest guitar arrangements I have heard was Man in the Mirror by Tuck Andress.

I can Moonwalk.  This was really hip when I was in middle school.  It’s probably not so impressive now.

One of the sweetest posts I’ve seen on FaceBook today is from Arika Dorsett.  She stated: “Michael Jackson died!!! How sad…he was such a big part of my childhood…very sad…I hope he knew the Lord….”

Not all the other comments were as considerate.  Shameful.



12 thoughts on “Sad News”

  1. I don’t remember the date but, the night that Thriller was first shown on MTV I was on the road with a ten piece band about five hundred miles from home. Right in the middle of our second set the club made us stop playing and they put on their big screen TV and insisted that everyone in the club watch the vidieo! There were more people in the band than there was in the club. We were a bunch of hard core, road weary players. We were all blown away. When we got back on stage out next set was absolutely smokin! . I just remembered that. Barry

  2. I agree… the impact that Michael Jackson had on the generation of us who were teens in the 80’s was tremendous. It was no less troubling / saddening to see him & his reputation decline over the last decade than it was to hear of his death on Thursday. I truly do hope that he knew the Lord as his personal Savior and that he will now find peace.

    1. I think fame makes most people a little nuts. Some seem to hold it together well, and others wear it on their sleeve. See the opening statement to the ‘Thriller’ video.

  3. Although I think I was to young (or to sheltered) to appreciate his music iat its pinnacle, I’ve always stood by the guy. For all of his *weirdness* he did seem genuine; there is no question about that in my mind. His life influenced not only music but set the standard for how entertaining should be done. In addition, MJ lead the way in entertainers using their influence to help people in need and to “call out” flaws in our social system.

    Favorite Songs: You are Not Alone, Smooth Criminal, The Girl is Mine

  4. not sure why I was tagged for this but I will give my opinion anyway. Michael Jackson never meant anything to me. He had some good music which I was forced to listen to upon occasion. I never knew him as a person. I never like nor disliked him. The only thing I find interesting is that celebrities always die in threes. Why is that?

    1. I tagged you because you are my friend and I wanted to share my thoughts with you. Ain’t that quaint?

      I have noticed the death in threes also. We will need to ask the higher being the reason.

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