Two Practice Styles

Have you ever considered what sort of point there is to your practice?  Most of the time, a student will simply think that
practice is for becoming a better player.  I would disagree.

Perhaps we should consider the two styles of practice:

1. Practice until you get it right, or
2. Practice until you can’t get it wrong.

Read those two concepts five or six more times.  I’ll wait.

OK.  So now that we agree that the second type is the best, let’s go one step further.  What if you just never played
anything wrong?  Sure, that’s impossible over years of learning an instrument, but I would certainly suggest that we all
spend far too much time being wrong because we are using type 1, rather than type 2 practice.  Would our practicing be more effective if we didn’t just flail about with the thought: “It’s only human to make mistakes, I will keep trying and
eventually I will play this part correctly.”

Right, eventually.  Then you have how many other ways to play that part which are wrong?  15? 30? 60?  Remember, we are training our fingers to play something that we want to hear ONE way.  Why play it any other way?

Try this the next time you start something new:
1. Play slow enough to not make any errors;
2. Play slow enough to not make any errors; and finally,
3. Play slow enough to not make any errors.

Do you see a pattern?  Slow and perfect.  Let me know what you think!