Notes and Thoughts about First Online Gig at Cafe Noodle

Matt Stevens, a UK musician, is the creator of Cafe Noodle.

Cafe Noodle is an online venue for live over-the-web broadcasts of musicians.  The gig is the online part, not just broadcasting a gig from one location for online viewing.

Anyway, I’m currently in fits because I don’t know what I want on the setlist.  I am a weeks-ahead type of planner, and while I have plenty of material to cover an hour, I just feel jumpy unless I know I’m nailing my material.

I wonder if there will be any issues because my list is mostly covers?  Would this be like a physical venue in that regard?

Club owners and maybe some musicians would have thoughts here?

I will need my family out of the house for this deal.  I have had rehearsals at my home, but I think I will find myself wondering if I am bothering them if they are upstairs while I’m playing at gig volume downstairs.  Not that I really crank it up, but it does need to push a little.

Also need to find a powered speaker, on Sunday no less.  We’ll see what happens.  Also, I would love a ‘Select All’ feature when I am sending invitations via FaceBook.  Inviting 300+ people in increments of 15 is a painstaking process.

There is a chat box that will be available during the gig.  I wonder if my daughter Celeste would be hip to monitoring it during the event.

Oh, and the new Bugera V22 will be put through more paces on this one too.  The only other time I’ve used this amp is for a rock band audition.  Well, we were supposed to audition three vocalists.  Two flaked-out and one was considerate enough to cancel with good reason.  Too bad, we probably would have wanted him in the group; being a grownup and all.

OK.  So the setlist will from a gig earlier this year at a local event called: Day In the Park.  I worked up the list to appeal to the expected people in attendance.  The hope is that each of these tunes are danceable in some fashion.  All of the tunes use drum sounds with most having single-note lines and chords making up the harmony.  There are some things I would make a little different, but there is no time for any changes.

Some of the songs I complete on the fly.  Earlier attempts to use the JamMan through the effects loop of the Bugera have not occured in the preferred manner.  Nothing blew up, but I am required to push the amp a bit to get a good signal to the JamMan to make loops or overdub onto currently saved loops.

I have used a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe for the last decade or so, and while it had its own quirks, I knew how to deal with them.

I will try a few things tomorrow, (gig day) to learn if I am up-the-creek or not.

Oh, right, and all this is after playing bass at church.  Well, I love getting a groove happening with bass, so maybe this is good timing.

Now that I am home from church, I realize that I still don’t understand what I am supposed to do to be viewable on the Cafe Noodle website.  Still need a powered speaker.  Let’s hope I learn by viewing the other two acts.

Well, now the gig’s over and I was a complete jumble of nerves, but I made it.  Very happy to see from the chat that people enjoyed my playing and song choices.  Quite disappointed that I forgot to hit the Record button on Ustream, but that was the only glitch.

Now for a sip and a sit.