Smile and Blink – People Appreciate That

I played a gig this evening at a very nice venue; the Academy of Fine Arts in Lynchburg.

I noticed that my thoughts today before the gig were rather different than usual. I was thinking about the improvements I am striving for as a person and not about what I will do musically.

Don’t get me wrong, I still spend a great deal of time working toward being a better musician. I just noticed that I was thinking more about being friendly and approachable at the gig and less about the songs and improvisational approaches.

I have been hearing that I could smile and blink more so that others don’t perceive me as being so intense.

My wife said that I should start playing poker because I keep such a straight face.

Some of my daughter’s friends have said I look like a Secret Service agent.

I always thought I was smiling, but evidently the smiles have remained inside.




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