Fade to Black Intro Guitar Lesson

This is a continuation of my experiments with making videos for students to practice with during the week.  It’s not so much a lesson, but rather a way for the student to play along with me at a slow and full tempo.


Beginner’s Guitar Course Intro Video

This course is designed for the beginning guitarist.

It consists of four lessons and you will receive one lesson per week.  At the end of each lesson, you will clearly understand and be able to perform a new musical skill.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: One Step At a Time

  • Step 1: Using the Pick/Plectrum
  • Step 2: Playing the Notes
  • Step 3: Putting It All Together
  • Step 4: Getting Faster

Lesson 2: First Batch of Chords

  • Step 1: The Chord Chart
  • Step 2: Playing the Chords
  • Step 3: Sounding Great Before Strumming

Lesson 3: Connecting the Chords

  • Step 1: The Chord Groups
  • Step 2: A Clean Getaway
  • Step 3: Strumming On the One

Lesson 4: Strumming Everywhere

  • Step 1: Playing All Four Beats
  • Step 2: The In-Between Bits
  • Step 3: Syncopation
  • Step 4: Now Go Find a Song to Play

Who is this course for?

This course is designed to give the beginning guitarist a proper start, and to fill in some gaps in the intermediate player’s foundation.


You will not need any experience.  If you did, you wouldn’t be a beginner, now would you?

You will need a guitar, of course, and it can be an electric or acoustic guitar.  If you use an electric guitar, be sure to have a clean sound.  Distortion, while tons of fun, can mask some problems that affect all beginning players.

Once you know your playing is clear, you can crank your amp up to eviction level!


Skype Guitar Lessons

In the last month, I have given a few guitar lessons on Skype. What I have discovered, is that there are certain students who would benefit just as well from the Skype lessons as they would lessons in person.

Most beginning students, however, would not. The reasons are: 1. I cannot shape the student’s fingers, arms, shoulders, legs, etc. over a streaming video; and 2. We cannot play together.

For the advanced player with tools such as a looper and some device or software with which a rhythm recording can be made, Skype lessons seem to work really well. It all depends on how much control over the students actual movements I need to retain to give them the best experience; an experience as close to in person lessons as possible.