Quiet Gigs

Often I have commented that patrons of the usual venue are all talking at once with a great deal of dish/glass noise. Perhaps my mind is weak and unable to effectively filter this noise from my performing process; but performing is often difficult under this common circumstance.

I started performing online recently, my first being on Cafe Noodle, which I wrote about in a previous post. The format of that post was intended as a timeline, but I should have used time/date stamps or some such to make that more clear.


I was thinking the other day about how to find an audience for these performances. One point that really stood out in my mind was the fact that most people cannot refrain from talking during a performance; the other was that most musicians would prefer an attentive audience and most of the talking that occurs is not about the performance or the musicians.

With online gigs, the musicians can have the atmosphere anyway they want it, and the listener can have whichever atmosphere they want. If the listener wants to hear the artists and watch a basketball game and talk on the phone at the same time; no problem. It will have no effect on the artist because during a video-streaming gig because we cannot see or hear you. Our only means of communication are from the Chat window.

I love win-win!




What do you think?

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