I remember…

I remember my wife waking me and saying, ‘A plane accidentally hit the World Trade Center’.

I remember saying, ‘No, it didn’t.’.

I remember going to the restaurant where I worked part-time and the customers requesting the news to be turned off because it was depressing.

I remember what the owner said in response.

I remember the TVs stayed on.

I remember hearing a performer making rude remarks about people from islamic countries.

I remember fearing for our Saudi friend’s safety.

I remember being angry.

I remember watching every plane longer than ever before.

I remember telling my wife that her day-trip was canceled, because I had just canceled it.

I remember that blue sky that day, those that Fall always brings.

I remember the arrangement I created for ‘America, the Beautiful’, and how I could never play it.

I remember asking if everyone was evacuated in time.

I remember the ‘No’.

I remember that nearly everyday I see the clock at 9:11.

I know that one day, no one will be here to remember.

For now: I remember.


What do you think?

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