Video Birthdays Post: April 23, 2012

1979 – Lauri Ylönen, Finnish singer (The Rasmus)

1979 – Barry Fratelli, Scottish bassist (The Fratellis)

1967 – Brent Muscat, rocker (Faster Pussycat-Wake Me When It’s Over)

1964 – Gen, [Simon Matthews], English pop drummer (Jesus Jones-Zeroes & Ones)

1960 – Steve Clark, Hillsborough England, rock guitarist (Def Leppard)

1936 – Roy Orbison, Vernon Tx, rocker (Pretty Woman)

Video Birthdays: April 16


1983 – Marié Digby

1974 – Mat Devine

1964 – Dave Pirner

1947 – Gerry Rafferty

1945 – Stefan Grossman

Video Birthdays Announcement and First Installment

Video Birthdays

I recently participated in an after-school program at R. S. Payne called Payne Academy. On segment of each class was called Video Birthdays, which exposed young minds to many different types of music and musicians.

The rest of us may benefit as well from seeing/hearing some new music, so I will bring Video Birthdays to the masses.


Video Birthdays -April 9, 2012

1986 – Brian Larsen, American musician and record producer

1979 – Albert Hammond, Jr., American guitarist (The Strokes)

1977 – Gerard Way, American musician (My Chemical Romance)

1949 – Steve Gadd, jazz drummer (Triplet Hop, Complex Jazz)

1932 – Carl Perkins, Jackson Tn, singer/songwriter (Blue Suede Shoes)

1898 – Paul Robeson, Philadelphia, singer (Old Man River)/actor/footballer

1895 – Mance Lipscomb, Texas, blues musician (Texas Sharecropper)