Practice = Water in a Tub

Imagine filling a tub with water while the drain is unplugged. You must put the water in faster than it is draining to reach higher levels of water. If you do not; the level will go down.

The same is true of your practice and the drain is time away from your instrument.

All players must spend enough practice time to increase their skill level. The beginning player requires the most consistency. If you practice for one hour day one and skip day two, you will not retain the same ability and will probably be worse day three.

Do not let your time and effort go down the drain; practice everyday, even for a few minutes.


Know What You Don’t Know

All musicians have some of the same requirements of practice. Primarily, to know what you don’t know. In other words, you need to somehow become aware of what you need to develop to meet your goals.

Band members should be willing to encourage and assist the other players in the band to be their best. However, the band leader and/or the other band members should not need to inform you that what you are doing is not cutting it.

It is much better when you realize this on your own and admit it quickly.

There have been a few occasions where I needed to change a line or part of a song, or even drop a song from the list because I was unable to play it properly. Sometimes it is a speed issue; sometimes a memory issue.

Certainly, I am spending time working and improving, but I do not need someone else to tell me where I am failing.

I know what I don’t know. So should you.