A Guitarist In the South

Today I visited CraigsList to post an ad for guitar/voice education and decided to have a look in the musicians section; you know, being a musician and all.

I replied to a few of them that needed a guitarist. One reply, by nice folks I’m sure, was for a country-ish band. They had a couple original tunes, which were nice with strong storylines.

However, while looking at their website, I, naturally, found rebel/confederate symbolism. Normally, I don’t really have much thought on the matter, but today was different.

Please clearly understand that I have no trouble with another’s freedom to embrace whichever ideological view works best for them.

‘Heritage, not Hate’ is the current catchphrase, but part of the heritage of the south is separation from the union (not much for team play), and the enslavement of others, which isn’t exactly a loving gesture.

(I am oh-so-tempted to say, “I have Southern friends.”; I think you know what I mean.)

The rebel/confederate flag, unfortunately, represents these aspects of heritage as well as good whiskey, southern belles, hunting (all meat is a dead animal, folks, just because it wasn’t a ‘fun’ process doesn’t mean something didn’t die; Yankees hunted too), “Yes sir/ma’am” and “No sir/ma’am”, Rhythm & Blues, Jazz, Real Country music before it went Nashville (a great irony if there ever was one), and other great, southern idiosyncrasies.

So, pardon me if I am a little southern, a little northern, and all human while I separate myself completely from this symbol. Just as we shouldn’t be Christian on Sunday and sinner on Monday, I can’t adopt just part of the story.



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