Highlander Boogie – Guitar Lessons Lynchburg

A riff pulled from the Hellecasters’ tune, Highlander Boogie.


4 thoughts on “Highlander Boogie – Guitar Lessons Lynchburg”

  1. I wonder when you are filming if you could do split shots of both the strumming hand and the fret hand. Also some close up shots would be nice. Also a free lesson from ya. LOL

  2. Hi Justin, just joking about about the free lesson, I’d pay for it. But it would be nice to chat with a fellow guitarist. I’m kind of stuck out here in the boondocks, a bit south of Hiroshima. Only white person around. Kind of used to though, been over 20 years stuck out in these rice paddies. I like your lessons, just need to spend more time on them. Bought a top of the line Telecaster before moving here, like to put it to use with your lessons. OK, chat with ya later.

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